Great choice for a meatless table! And let the Russian, lean cuisine it has nothing, in all respects well suited!

Yes, this is the most that neither is a vegetable pilaf!

And not some sacedon out new recipes, and quite traditional.

There are Uzbek plov, there Samarkand, Fergana and Bukhara today I, no meat.

In General, in addition to the dried fruit in there sometimes add

chickpeas, Stalik did something with pumpkin.

But I was not a pumpkin or chickpeas, and go on a winter evening in search of these products had no interest!

Anyway, look. )

So, you need:

Prunes, dried apricots, seedless raisins, barberries (for sourness), long grain rice, onions, carrots, vegetable oil, water, salt, pepper, cumin.

As well as a stove, pot (a pot with thick walls) a couple of hours of time and desire. )

About proportions: In standard packing of rice (900 g ) need about 2 cups of dried fruit.

But this time I decided to make it sweeter, so took the same amount of dried apricots, prunes and raisins to half of the package is 450 g.

The amount of rice I usually goes two carrots and two onions. In another pilaf with meat, onions, I take more.

So, soak room temperature water (not tap water, I buy a 5 litre bottle of drinking water) dried fruits and rice.

Put the cauldron on the stove, begin cutting the onion and carrot, carrot strips, onion half-rings.

As above the oil will start to appear smoke, fry the onion, it’s not, until translucent, until slightly Golden. And after we put the carrots.

Add the dried fruit and barberry, flooded, water was flush, or slightly above the level of dried fruits.

Usually I add salt at this time to emphasize the taste.

Cover with a lid, reduce the heat and leave for 30-40 minutes, prepare servak. )

The liquid should not boil, onion, carrot and dried fruit stew should, and even better to languish.

Within these 30 minutes, we gently wash the rice water with it dripped transparent.

And in pot add water from the bottle, and it is advisable to rinse it. Generally enough and after adding the rice and pour it. But if not, you can and rinse with tap water, and even in a pilaf to fill from the bottle.

So, it took 30-40 minutes, add the cumin, salt, a little pepper, gently poured into the cauldron rice and fill with water, so that it exceeded the level of the rice for 1-2 cm.

Lid do not close, the fire is not strong. The water will soak into the rice and a little to evaporate. And while the water level is lowered, sirvac (the broth that we cooked all this time) would be to soak the rice grain with its taste and aroma!

Following the process, do not allow strong seething water, and at the same time, not much we remove the fire.

When the water level drops below the rice, it will be harder to follow. But you can gently poke with a wooden stick (the handle of a shovel, for example) rice and to monitor the liquid level.

If rice is not ready yet, and the water has almost finished, needs a little more. Otherwise the bottom will start pilaf to burn.

If pilaf is ready, turn off the heat, cover with a lid and leave for about 30 minutes!

Now, stir it in gently and spread on a dish!

Or, as we do, on a plate everyone!

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