Chinese Puer tea

Puer tea is a true black Chinese postfermentirovanny tea, which takes its origin from the province of Yunnan. This kind of tea has a certain shutter speed, and the larger it is, the better it is considered Puer tea. Where to buy this drink? The better choice to make in favor of reliable companies that have excellent reputation and use the

products only from reliable suppliers.

Production and types of PU-erh tea

Puer tea, which can be ordered through our store, can be produced in two ways. Historically the traditional method of creating is called Puer Sheng (raw). It is this tea with pleasure ate Chinese emperors. It is made of coarse green tea, which are deep fried, rolled and then dried in the sun. Next, the sheet is pressed and placed in special bags.

To drink this tea Puer is possible after 3 years of exposure, but it is believed that the first stage of perfection Sheng reaches only after 5 years of fermentation.

Less “ripe” PU-erh is called Shu, which means “ready”. In this case, the harvested tea leaves are subjected to artificial fermentation for the manufacture of masters need only 30 days.

There are several types of tea, which are called Puer. Our tea shop offers their different variations: it can be traditional loose or pressed. Puer tea, which can be ordered in our store, most commonly found in molded form, which is additionally attached to the desired view – brick, man, square, pumpkin, Jack, etc.

Note that each type of Puer has its fans, which is not surprising for such a lovely tea!

Useful properties of PU-erh tea

In the online store Ounce you can buy PU-erh tea, which has a set of unique properties, a positive effect on the human body. Puer tea has an excellent effect on the digestive system (by the way, this is one of the few teas that you can drink on an empty stomach) and perfectly cleanses the body. No wonder it is called the tea of beauty, harmony and eternal youth. In China it is valued not so much for taste and aroma, but for the healing properties!

Regardless of the type of drink, you first need to pay attention to its quality, because only in this case, you can be sure that tea will really benefit. We recommend you to definitely try PU erh Shen Bin Cha PU erh Wild, wonderful tea with a delicate taste and a gorgeous scent, which every year will get better!

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