How to prepare the sorbet recipe and tips

French dessert sorbet — it’s frozen or just chilled delicious weight of any fruit puree or juice with added sugar syrup. Sherbet, frozen solid, usually served at the end of the meal, in the role of dessert. He reminds Popsicles. From cookware to supply the most suitable cream. And slightly cooled mass is usually served as a cool drink.

Photo of strawberry sorbet in the dessert bowl

Sorbet can improve digestion, so it must be served during meals. Often

fruit filler substitute grape wines — still and sparkling. Very tasty sorbet with champagne. This, of course, not dessert, but a great drink. The tradition of preparing sorbet (by the way, is called the sherbet) came to us from Asia. To prepare the sorbet is quite simple.

Principles of cooking

First mash the selected fruits, cooked sweet syrup made from sugar at home. Then fruit juice (puree) was stirred with cold syrup (liquor, wine — is already to taste) and put in the freezer. Sorbet in the freezing process required a couple of times to mix. Thanks to this simple procedure does not form large ice crystals that can spoil the meal. For the same purpose applies glucose, gelatin, pectin, but delicious sorbet at home can do without these components.

Of course, mankind has invented many recipes sorbet. All of them, and not to list, so many of them. At home you can prepare a treat for your taste. Sometimes it add the milk, eggs, cream. Often consisting of dessert, you can meet unexpected fillers: purees and juices of vegetables, seafood, all kinds of herbal infusions, eggs, various sauces. It would seem that the ingredients are totally unsuitable for cooking dessert, but with the right approach, the result is a true culinary masterpiece. Of course, infusions or seafood are not the main ingredient — they complement the taste of the delicacy. Here only not everyone is able to competently combine such incompatible components. Therefore it is better to start with the classic recipe sherbet, and there too, you can let your imagination fly.

Recipe for homemade sorbet

Hot day is a particularly popular recipe for lemon sorbet. The house is quite simple to cook: to handle even a beginner knitter. A treat to taste all appreciate: and Pets, and guests. And not only in summer you can pamper yourself a homemade treat. It is worth noting that sherbet prepared by yourself at home, sometimes get in a few times tastier than store bought. So it pays to spend a little personal time to his cooking.

You will need:

270 ml of water

220 g of sugar

lemon juice (glass)

2 tbsp of lemon zest.

So, prepare for beating future Goodies mixer, blender or just whisk — depending on what you can find in your kitchen. Fruits also choose on your own: raspberries, oranges, peaches, and cherries. Just keep in mind that fruit or berry juice should always be fresh. The juice boxes for such Goodies will not work. To them, you will ruin the dessert, in vain spent time and ingredients.

Juice squeeze the juice and zest RUB on a small grater. Put on a small fire pan, pour in water, add sugar. Bring weight to the boil. In the result of the complete dissolution of sugar is supposed to be syrup. Remove the container from the stove, add lemon juice, pour the mass into a container, cover and store for a few hours in the freezer. Prepare delicacies involves churning the sorbet with a whisk from time to time, to rid it of large pieces of ice. Get snow-and-fruit mixture. This mixture — and there is a dessert that is so easy to cook at home!

Now you know how to cook this delicious semblance of ice cream. Dessert very refreshing taste buds. What follows from this? Serve him better by change of food, the portions should be small.

Great choice for a meatless table! And let the Russian, lean cuisine it has nothing, in all respects well suited! Yes, this is the most that neither is a vegetable pilaf! And not some sacedon…


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