Cocoa with milk

Today I got the manicure I wanted something quiet, but not boring, so I joined in one manicure with two nail Polish from the company from the Oriflame More by Demi, which is demi Moore.

What I got, you can see under the cut.

First I want to tell you about themselves lucky. I used two

shades from the Oriflame More by Demi Nail Polish (nail Polish “demi”) . D Brown, Languorous brown) and Tea Rose (Utoncennij pink) .

All the same, except the color.

The manufacturer promises us:

— The most glamorous nail Polish in the history of Oriflame.

— Rich, long-lasting color with a stunning, sparkling coating in one application.

— 6 radiant shades in supercollection “premium”.

Well, so will check it))

The packaging is really pretty glamorous)) gold lid and gold lettering. At first I thought it was gold quickly peel off, but it turned out that everything was done quite efficiently. The bottle itself is of prismatic shape with a volume of 7 ml.

The whole texture . medium thickness cream.

The brush in wide, flattened. Due to the fact that the cover is square shape, it should fit in, but in principle, everything is pretty convenient and easy to get used.

The application really easy and one layer of varnish rests tightly and without bald spots, as the manufacturer promises. The varnish is not puzyrit and very well smoothes uneven nail. I use it habitually in two layers, but this is not necessary.

Dries the varnish in a single layer in 10-15 minutes, and in two layers for a long time, probably 2 hours to make sure we leave no fingerprints.

The finish is smooth, gloss is their very pronounced in all the pictures the Polish without a top coating.

Resistance is not the highest, but lasts three days with no problems, and we need)))

Now about the color . The color of both polishes is very dependent on lighting and most often a little different on the nails from what we see in the bottle.

D Brown, Languorous brown) color cocoa with milk, brown with a purple undertone, it’s in the bottle. But on the nails this purple undertone can be captured only in daylight in the depths of space, and in most cases it is the color of milk chocolate.

Tea Rose (Utoncennij pink) . Here the translators into Russian once again precreative, at which time such notice at Oriflame. Original name Tea rose is far more suited to this varnish, rather than a Delicate pink. This lacquer beige color with a slight pink undertone and tiny silver shimmer that is visible only in the bottle. On the nails the shimmer and pink undertone again not noticeable almost never.

But from words to pictures, here is such a double manicure I came up with. Specially show in different lighting so you can see that these colors are not so simple and are significantly different in different situations:

To sum up, I want to say that these very lucky and I liked the quality and color. All the promises of the manufacturer is made.

And how do you like my double manicure?

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