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Healing properties of honey Honey benefits and harms Recipes

Honey is a source of many different nutrients . needed by the human body. The use of honey in medicine began in a very distant past. Since the days of Hippocrates and Galen were known for the healing properties of honey. In some countries, honey was considered a product of longevity and source of vitality.

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Healing properties of honey — are very useful for human muscles including the heart muscle, because muscles need when working in the Sahara and they are not all the same what sugar you consume, normal, or that which is contained in honey. For stimulation of the cardiac muscle of a man recommended to use honey in the morning and on an empty stomach, eating about a teaspoon of honey with a small amount of water.

Honey is a natural source is necessary for the human body trace elements. A simple recipe for keeping the body toned very simple: two teaspoons of honey, dilute two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar, and pour a glass of water. Drink recommended once a day, but if you are subjected to high loads, whether physical or mental, then 2 times a day.

It should also be noted the positive effects of honey on the human nervous system, because eating honey helps a person to calm down and gather my thoughts, therefore the honey is even used as a mild sleep aid.

Healing properties of honey are very effective in the treatment of various diseases due to the fact that honey has no harmful effects on human digestive system, and is easily digested by the human body, the sugar contained in honey is much more useful to humans.

The healing properties of honey varieties

The best varieties of honey is Linden, maple, and honey raspberry and dandelion. Unfortunately, now it is very difficult to find a certain type of honey. And if you’re lucky enough to find natural honey, then most likely it will be grass. But despite the origin of the honey, he is still in demand and indispensable product in folk medicine.

The chemical composition of honey