Eight recipes of delicious tea

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Decent people do not complain about the weather. Winter,

sleet or slush, or the burning of peatlands in the summer — we actually have always lived here, and it’s always been, what is now whining? But winter is the time for tea. As the summer is, in fact, spring and autumn, but winter is especially. Because it’s cold. Because the outside of the Blizzard, the Blizzard and the night, and you have a pretty green lamp, stove with blue fire, the iron kettle with whistle (or, OK, an electric that always thinks about us, why not). Other peoples in such conditions would have long since died out, and we pour tea and sit at the window covered with frost patterns.

You have to understand that with rare exceptions, the tea is a constructor in which elements are mutually exclusive, only lemon and milk. And everything else can be mixed in any proportions. Well and generally, what you want, and brew, the citizens, will not be exact worse.

Russian tea with lemon.

It is believed that tea with lemon drink only in Russia. In General this may be true, but in Russia it mostly drink wrong: a Cup of weak tea, thin slice of lemon, “wet” taste. No! We do fine and don’t need liquid. We need to brew a tar-black tea (best of Yunnan, for example), cut off a quarter or a third of very large lemon, squeeze in a Cup, throw the peel (it spices up), and from top to plunk three spoonfuls of sugar to make hot fusion sweet and sour-tart almost syrup. WHO SAID BRANDY? Tssss!

Tea with ginger.

The same thing, and that “Russian tea”, but instead of lemon I must put the pieces of ginger. The result is the wildest controlsi drink, which will come in handy, for example, if you spent the whole day skiing and completely broken, and there is still a whole night of dancing and rough sex. CAUTION! From this, the pressure may rise! From tea with ginger, in a sense.

Moroccan tea with cinnamon and star anise.

Moroccan tea is prepared in some institutions, it is fashionable among girls and, to be honest, unbearably delicious. Green tea, a few leaves of mint, a solid stick of cinnamon and star anise (you can press down lightly to Paulista) it is necessary to brew in the kettle. Then squeeze a bit of lemon and throw same lemon peel. Ready!

Sea buckthorn tea.

Another very Russian story. Siberian sea buckthorn berry is one of countless in the County of panaca, along with honeysuckle and cabbage. Vitamins, immortality, cheerful orange color and poisonous acidic, unbearable taste. But if sea buckthorn lightly RUB them and brew tea, then this tea to add quite a lot of sugar, you get incredibly pleasant to drink. And Yes, tones, just in the way.

On the one hand, it certainly fashionable piece. Another really cool drink and even tasty, if taste. Pressed PU-erh pills can attain on the far end of the tea shelves in Auchan. One tablet pour hot water, which was immediately poured (so the tablet is washed, at the same time warming up the kettle). Then the pill brewed, insist a little and drink. Then the same tablet brewed again, and drink again. Generally, it is believed that PU-erh can be at least five times to brew, but it is better not more than three, in the end, these pills cost a penny. In certain circles of the Moscow intelligentsia to drink Puer Saturday morning, when all is drunk in the trash, but need to talk about the fate of the Motherland and not puke. Actually, the effect it is closer to coffee than tea: very refreshing, a little tweakin and stimulates mental activity.

Tibetan, Mongolian, Buryat and other weird fatty salty tea.

Recipes here’s a whole universe, but here, for example, there is this: boil half a liter of black tea in a saucepan, add 50 grams of melted (but in principle it is possible and normal) of butter, half Cup milk, salt and pepper to taste. Other versions require a prescription is to change the oil on lamb fat. Before you make a scary face and experience retching, imagine that you are drinking tea, and some pretty fat broth in which tea is just one of the spices. And of course, the soup should be salty, not sweet, and a little bit spicy. And imagine that you are in a mountainous winter, you are chronically not getting enough oxygen, you serf the shepherd at datsan, the wife of your elder brother is and your wife too, and your middle brother became a monk. Presented? Tasty? Lightweight Kyrgyz variant — ordinary tea with cream and salt instead of sugar. Will, at least, not so greasy.

Russian tea with raisins.

Awesome recipe, undeservedly forgotten. Washed seedless raisins, pour boiling water. Brewing is not very strong black tea. Put the soaked raisins in a Cup and pour him some tea. Ideally, add honey. The merchants in Ostrovsky and landlords Gogol is drank and praised. Why should we not do that? Here, incidentally, can also add cinnamon and star anise, but the taste would be slightly redundant.

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