Diet Molokai – benefits and harms

Among the list of popular diets today is the diet Molokai. Rather, the diet Molokai should be viewed not as a diet but as a version of the fasting day, because with all the incredible usefulness of Morococha, so much talk, Molokai has several side effects and even hazards that instills some doubt in the necessity of the use of the tool. But let’s in order.

Molokai is a beverage which is prepared easily. There are four cooking Morococha:

First option: boil two liters of milk, allow to cool to 70 degrees and add 5 teaspoons of tea, cover with a cloth and leave for 25-30 minutes, then strain.

Second option: in the glass of brew a strong tea, pour it into the milk (warm or cold — doesn’t matter) and eat.

Third option: pour 100 grams of boiling water for 1 hour. a spoonful of tea, then after 5 minutes add 100-150 grams of milk.

The fourth option is to make tea with milk, as in the best houses of London. Cups need a good warm up, a third pour them in the milk and pour on top of strong tea infusion.

For cooking Morococha need to use low-fat cow’s milk and any tea (black, white, green). It is best to use is green tea. If you are not accustomed to drink green tea, the first time you can do a mixture of green and black tea. Some in the drink add a couple of tablespoons of honey can also Molokai one-to-one to dilute with boiled water.

If the time for the preparation of the beverage is not at all possible to make so: to brew strong green tea, and for every 50 grams of tea leaves, add half a Cup of milk and 1H. a spoonful of honey.

The milk should not boil, otherwise the drink will lose all their benefit.

Molokai you can use any temperature you like. Arranging a fasting day on this drink is to drink at least 1.5 litres. Every two hours, take 200 grams. This fasting day can be arranged once every seven days, not more.

The benefits of a diet Molokai

Tea made with milk is a great remedy for insomnia, calms stress, cleanses the body of toxins, reduces fever colds. For weight loss helps to dull the feeling of hunger, reduces appetite. Many use it as snacking, replacing lunch or dinner. Molokai has choleretic, laxative and diuretic.

Green tea has a tonic effect, helps strengthen bones, joints due to the content of fluoride, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Interaction of milk tea and another is manifested in the following: milk, slowly assimilating that can cause fermentation in the gut, tannin, which is found in tea, neutralize fermentation. Tea affects the mucous membrane of the stomach, the milk softens the impact.

On the fasting day Morococha contributes to the loss of up to one and a half pounds, all depending on how much excess weight.

However, with all this, the person who uses Molokai, loses a lot of fluids, because it is so important to the diet of Malacca to increase the amount consumed of a simple liquid.

Harm diet Molokai

Apart from the fact that Molokai removes water from the cells, substances that are found in both components, capable to neutralize each other. Milk contains calcium. as tea contains a substance that prevents the absorption of calcium. Frequent use of Morococha can cause calcium to be deposited on the vessel walls and loss of elasticity. In the kidney can form stones, the digestive tract is disturbed.

Molokai able to reduce the pressure, because those who have low blood pressure, this drink should not be used. So, more often than once a week to arrange a diet for Morococha impossible. In addition, it is believed that Molokai can cause the development of tumors.

Given that the pounds go for the water but not at the expense of fat reserves, you need to drink plenty of fluids like plain water, and various herbal teas. If you do not control what you eat on other days, the weight lost comes back.

So before you decide to use diet Molokai, weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. Once you have dizziness, headache and other health problems, you should give up fasting days on Morococha, even if you are going to do them once a week.

Be healthy!

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