How to cook cocoa powder, milk, water. Cook cocoa correctly, recipes

We all know that cocoa is a very useful and tasty hot beverage and drink it with pleasure around the world. In our Europe from Mexico cocoa was brought by the Spaniard hernán cortés. King Louis XIII the drink very much, and after cocoa came to love and the rest of the European elite.

Since much time has passed, and a drink, so quickly getting popularity, became available to everyone. Do you know how to cook cocoa to it the taste was great, and wanted to drink it again and again?

The content

If we turn to historical recipes and adapt them in a modern way, then we would get exactly the kind of cocoa. However, have to settle for cocoa powder from the store, because hardly anyone will bring us cocoa beans directly from the overseas plantations.

Choose cocoa powder

The cocoa is always brown, lighter shades indicate that the powder impurities exist.

One of the key attributes – the smell of powder. If it is chocolate and right beckons drinking an imaginary Cup with him – before you clean the powder.

You should pay attention to the structure of the powder – it should be without lumps, otherwise it indicates either lapsed product, or in violation of the conditions of storage.

Really high quality beverage made from cocoa is obtained from a powder with a mass fraction of fat of at least 15%. The fat content can be defined in this way: if you RUB a pinch of the powder between your fingers, it should not turn into dust.

Also always good powder is micronized. You can try it on the tongue, and if you don’t feel any bad taste, feel free to start brewing!

Recipe cocoa. Classic

In General, cooking cocoa – not too difficult, and will be able to cope each. What do we need?

Cocoa powder (which we buy in the store)


Cow’s milk (can also use water, but milk cocoa is much tastier. Also it is recommended to use the milk home, not skim)

The proportions will be such:

Milk – 2 litres

Cocoa powder – 6 tablespoons

Sugar – 4 tablespoons

The sequence of cooking cocoa with milk:

In our coffee pot pour a little water (just to cover the bottom). After that, put it on the stove. When the water boils, pour into the coffee pot milk.

While all this is heated, take another bowl and thoroughly triturated with sugar cocoa powder. Then add water to get a thick chocolate mixture (similar to sour cream)

We mix our mixture with milk. Now wait until it boils again

We boil our cocoa about 3 minutes.


Some tips on cooking cocoa with milk

After you’ve figured out how to cook cocoa, it is worth to try other recipes for cooking.

Cocoa and egg yolk

Cook for conventional cocoa, RUB the yolk (half the proportion) with cocoa powder and sugar. Next, pour in the cocoa, and whisk it all with a whisk and immediately pour into cups.

Cocoa with whipped cream

Pour brewed our cocoa into the cups, fill them 2/3 full. Whisk the cream and icing sugar and spread on top of cocoa.

Cocoa with ice cream and berries

Prepare cocoa in the usual way. Cooled. In glasses laid out on the scoop of ice cream (chocolate or cream). Carefully pour the cocoa. At the top you can decorate with berries.

Cocoa is recommended to drink in the morning, because it acts as an energy drink, which helps the body to be cheerful all day. Besides, what goes well with crackers, muffins, biscuits and pastries. And that cocoa was not formed foam (many do not like), you need to stop it when it cools down a bit. When you drink cocoa note on the bottom of the Cup (if there was precipitation). If the precipitate is still there, then the quality of the powder is not good enough, try to buy another cocoa powder.

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