Original gift on March 8

The eighth of March is the only holiday during which the woman remains in the spotlight all day. Often this is the day chosen by men to confess his love to his girlfriend, to tell the words mom, pamper your wife. On international women’s day no woman should be left without attention and gifts.

And here’s a selection of gifts for men is always a problem. Men in the choice of gift is often guided by stereotypes that a woman dreams that gave her an expensive fur coat, a trip to Paris or a diamond ring. And if a man can’t buy them all, then he is limited to a box of chocolates and flowers.

But it is always possible to come up with an original gift that the woman will appreciate and remember for a long time. Most importantly, gifts for March 8 were made from the heart and address the interests of women.

If You want to give a warm gift that each time a woman to remind you, You can buy green tea . About the benefits of green tea is known to many, and that’s about how to brew and drink green tea not many people know.

First, for brewing green tea should use water that has boiled for the first time. Repeated boiling or hot water is not permissible. After boiling, the water must cool to 70 degrees, and only then can you brew tea. There are special kettles that heat the water to a certain temperature and then just support her.

Secondly, before you put the tea leaves into the kettle, the capacity should be warm. The kettle is rinsed with hot water. The brew is poured at the rate of 1 teaspoon per Cup.

Thirdly, it is not enough to close the kettle lid. To improve the taste and aroma of tea it is better to cover the pot with a cloth or towel. After 4-5 minutes green tea is ready for consumption.

It used to be that sugar kills the beneficial properties of green tea. It is now proven that green tea can be drunk with sugar, milk or lemon, the properties of the drink will not change.

Especially useful for green tea to those women who follow a diet and seeking to lose weight. When consuming tea 2-3 times a day improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the body toxins. But to abuse the drink is not: it can adversely affect the kidneys and cardiovascular system.

For gift on March 8 should choose green tea of good quality, then it will take a woman a real moment of pleasure.

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