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The healing properties of tea

Tea has medicinal properties is considered since ancient times.Us today is well known for its extremely rich chemical composition, and therefore to explain these qualities.

Gorgeous tea plant is able to find, to extract from mother earth-the most rare and necessary substances for our health and to give them to us. In this sense tea is a very complex and a permanent laboratory. First remove, then transforms one substance into another, more perfect, and this work continues even while processing factory and when it hits the glass.

Even our ancient ancestors knew that the tea enhances the vitality of the

body, enhances mental and physical rabotospobnost, and creates a pleasant mood. Tea best satisfies excruciating thirst and warms when cold. Tea is very highly valued, the tribes of REP power even used it as a bargaining chip.

Known since ancient times, tea has a beneficial effect on stimulating intestinal peristalsis. Food poisoning and enterocolitis useful “tea break”, that is, within 20 hours ill only give a strong tea per 1.5 liter, 5 grams of sugar and lemon juice, preferring green teas are rich in tannin.

The propensity of a patient to constipation, it is recommended iced tea with lots of sugar and fresh milk. It is not true. what tea consumption leads to constipation.

In chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease recommended green tea varieties average welding, as strong tea can increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid of the gastric mucosa, cause sour belching and increased pain. Even more these phenomena are expressed with highly sweetened tea.

Consumption of tea is useful in adulthood because with age decreases the enzymatic activity of gastric juice, pancreas and thin KROK, and tea is an effective means to stimulate these organs and improve digestion in the elderly.

A beneficial effect has tea in the treatment of dysentery and other infectious enterocolitis. The high content of vitamins, especially P, contribute to the rapid restoration and recovery and protects against possible hemorrhage.

With the accumulation of toxins in the intestine, associated with liver disease, decompensation of the heart, etc. tea is very useful.