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Properties of black tea

Properties of black tea

Classic black tea, we acquired the masters in the tea business — suppliers, who purchase it directly from the plantations. Tea does not lie in warehouses for months, passing through a chain of middlemen (as it is with loose tea that gets on shop Windows), and after a few months gets to You on the table.

Therefore, our black tea is fully preserves the taste, aroma and beneficial properties. Great influence on the high quality of the tea Cup and has a short processing time. Innovative packaging: protect from sunlight,

moisture and odors, it keeps the tea in its original form.

Always before selling black tea undergoes a careful visual inspection as well as our sample. Each time check black tea convinces us of its high quality. Black tea is one of the most famous and delicious beverages in the world.

Processing of tea

He is much more popular than other drinks. Tea production is not as labor-intensive and high-tech employment, as coffee. But at the time of manufacture, there are several important stages, without which it is difficult to get a good drink. The first and most essential is the quality of tea, namely tea leaf. Primarily a tea leaf is blown with warm air, the leaves have the effect of withering.

Then the sheet goes through the stage of crushing, tearing and twisting, and for high-quality teas with manual processing. Later comes the stage of oxidation under certain temperature and humidity.

The final stages of drying it and its categorization, with the help of sieves is determined by a sheet, incomplete, leaf, Fannings and dust. Ceylon black tea is usually classified as a sheet it is made practically no changes to the structure of the tea leaves. This is a benchmark of tea. Broken leaves are sold as average and tea in bulk. Small broken leaves and dust are a source of raw materials for tea bags.

Brewing tea

To make tea you need boiling water which was boiling under the system of white key, the boiling water is necessary to cool to about 86 to 95 degrees. One serving of tea approximately one teaspoon is approximately 2.25 grams. Tea needs to steep for 2 to 5 minutes.