Winter warming cocktails

Mulled wine

This is the most famous and popular of hot alcoholic drinks, which is prepared in the winter almost everywhere with a small national differences. Mulled wine is a red wine, boiled with sugar and spices; very often there is added the fruit.He appeared in the Middle ages in Europe, was originally made on the basis of Bordeaux and claret. Now used for making red dry and semi-dry wines.

Mulled wine in the winter cook almost all European countries, sell from stalls at the Christmas markets, and in many cities such trays are open

from December to February – you can drink a glass, pausing for a moment on the street. However, in different countries there are some differences. For example, in Germany in the wine add a little rum to Isiro agave, England – gin, honey and rosehip syrup. There is even a white mulled wine – for those who have red wine doesn’t like.

Apple cocktail with Calvados

In France many original drinks that are made only in this country, and Calvados is one of them. Get it by distilling Apple cider, and with the onset of the cold season in Normandy begin to prepare hot costalina the basis of Calvados. No wonder it is produced here! Classic local recipe suggests the presence of Calvados, Apple juice and ginger. The mixture should be quite hot, but not scalding, and usually served in clear glasses. It is fragrant, warming and very healthy drink.


Watered-down rum spryanostyami invented Edward Vernon, nicknamed Old Grog, Vice-Admiral of britanskiot, in the XVIII century. Unwell to save to give the sailors rum, diluted with hot or cold water, and the team is suddenly much. The drink caught on, eventually there began to add spices, and now it is one of the most populyarnejhsih cocktails. Grog – quick and easy to prepare winter drink, as preanesthesia need a little (usually cinnamon, ginger and cloves, and then only by request), we need only hard liquor and lemon juice. Sometimes add milk, honey or coffee infusion and get a drink served in porcelain cups. Traditional grog rum is served either by the glass for Irish coffee, or in a heated glasses with coasters.

Hot beer cocktail

In the North of Europe, mainly in Germany, Poland and Sweden, have invented a drink with hot beer. The taste is quite distinctive, although warming properties that does not change. Beer – piece specific heat it needs to be approached very carefully, and because the recipe is “hot beer” includes eggs, sugar and lemon, plus a little nutmeg. Is used for cooking light wheat beer. Sometimes there is a “dark” option is then added to beer brandy and coffee liqueur. To complete the picture and an interesting combination of flavors on top and add whipped cream. This cocktail will certainly need to try, if it will get you on the menu! Mulled wine sold on every corner, and such exotic cook only for true gourmets.


Fun collective drink that is so nice to cook for a big company. Now this is a collective name: if in England, pochabova the idea of punch in colonial India, it is still the drink of rum, then, for example, in Germany, the punch is normally called a mixture of fruit juices with spices and wine or liqueur. In one, all agree: the punch should be fruit. This usually apples, lemons, oranges, pears. Prone to the originality of the French in their version of punch add the melon, strawberries and Bourbon vanilla.

The Cocktail “Old Tom”

It’s time to warm those who prefer whiskey. The cocktail “Old Tom” I love the British conservative: apparently, the name and composition reminiscent of a Patriarchal atmosphere for publish clubs, soft light of table lamps and unchanged cigar smoldering in the ashtray.It consists of whiskey, water (she must be hot), honey and a little lemon juice. It can also happen that, first in boiling water, cook the cinnamon stick and cloves, and satimage add whiskey, sugar, lemon and honey. A couple of lemon slices and certainly put himself in the glass. This cocktail, you will not find from street vendors, but in most cafes in winter it is served often enough.

Irish coffee

Invented over a hundred years ago in Ireland, Irish coffee consists of hot black coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream. According to the basic version, the author is Irish bartender international airport “Shannon” by Joseph Sheridan grasped to add whiskey to the coffee frozen Americans and naswebsite the Irish coffee mixture. The highlight of this cocktail is not only the contrast of coffee and whiskey, but the combination of hot drink and cold whipped cream.

Hot chocolate with rum

The sweetest drink – of course, hot chocolate. And if you add rum, as I do in the winter in many European countries, unprepared in an incredibly warming. Sometimes use for cooking is not thick hot chocolate, and cocoa, however, this did not interfere with taste.

To make the drink needed a dark Cuban or Jamaican rum from the Dominican Republic too. Occasionally for taste add vanilla, grated coconut or even chili pepper. Is that rum is replaced with a liqueur or vodka (then drink as many mixture of vodka, called “Russians” don’t forget us in Europe). Except that the drink is warming, it is also very nutritious and will tide you over until your next meal.


This Scandinavian version of mulled wine is certainly worth a try in Sweden, Denmark or Norway. It resembles the German version, but the taste garsdale, at the expense of dobavleniyu wine raisins. Even in the recipe always includes apples, lemon, cloves, cinnamon and almonds. In Denmark added to this is the ginger, and Sweden generally pours back the vodka and pours cardamom. The result warms for a long time. To taste storiese better recommended zakusyvayesh gingerbread, oranges mandarine. In cafes and restaurants it is served in glasses and the glasses outside poured in simple plastic cups and cook in vats. And traditionally glögg must first sniff, deeply breathing in the aroma, and then drink.

Hot French wine

Vin chaud – specific French version of mulled wine that is served on special occasions. It is preferred by gourmets when it comes to winter cocktails. He served in glasses in the composition is heated to blame added lemon oil, olive rosemary and almonds. Traditional components of mulled wine – all of these citrus fruits, apples, cinnamon, cloves, ginger is not welcome: it is believed that they will spoil the noble taste of the drink. But in families and restaurants easier do not stop all this add. In the South of France so all is not without orange. In vain they are there, perhaps, as much– not disappear as good. AC orange wine becomes even more aromatic.

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